19–22 August 2019
JW Marriott, Indianapolis, Indiana


The Exposition Hall is getting an exciting addition at the 2018 AIAA Propulsion and Energy Forum: the HUB! This new multi-use area built into the heart of AIAA expositions will feature many attendee favorite activities like the AIAA Publications Pavilion and author signings, PLUS two presentation areas and innovative programming and features such as design challenges, charging stations, a lounge area, and more. 

Need to identify a place to meet up with friends? Make the HUB that place! 

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The below calendar of the HUB and Exposition Hall activities is subject to change.


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Daily Agenda

Monday, 9 July, 2018

1100-1600Exposition Hall Open
1100-1200Design Challenge: Balloon Rocket CarRoom: The HUB Open Area

Contestants of this challenge will build a rocket-powered car using a balloon. This will demonstrate how aerospace propulsion systems work by generating a high pressure gas and forcing it out a narrow opening. Join the fun as a contestant or a spectator!


1200-1300Introduction to Propulsion Simulation Using NPSS TutorialRoom: The HUB Hangar

Propulsion system simulation is relevant at all stages of development, from preliminary design through production testing. Although the material is oriented towards air breathing propulsion systems using the gas turbine engine cycle, many other propulsion and fluid/thermal system types can be simulated using NPSS. This tutorial will provide insight into the modeling and analysis of propulsion systems using one of the more common simulation environments. 

1500-1600Introduction to Propulsion Simulation Using OTAC TutorialRoom: The HUB Hangar

Since the creation of NPSS, NASA Glenn Research Center has developed a turbomachinery library to be used for performing mean-line analyses. This tutorial will provide insight into the development of the Object-Oriented Turbomachinery Analysis Code (OTAC) library. 


1800-1900Meet the AIAA Executive DirectorRoom: Launch Pad in the HUB
1830-1930Paper Airplane Contest

The paper airplane is a hybrid of whimsical fun and aerospace engineering. How strong are your paper airplane building skills? Find out at the Paper Airplane Contest in the HUB. Attendees who fly their paper airplane closest to the center of the bullseye target will win prizes. All are encouraged to participate.

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Tuesday, 10 July, 2018

0845-1600Exposition Hall Open
0930-1030GT-SUITE system simulation to optimize aircraft and spacecraft performance TutorialRoom: The HUB Hangar

Since 1994, GT-SUITE has set the standard in system simulation, thanks largely to solving deep multi-physics with an easy-to-use graphical interface. GT-SUITE’s multi-physics approach to simulation empowers aerospace engineers to tackle their design and modeling challenges. By simulating the physics of fluid dynamics, thermal, mechanical, electrical/battery, controls and chemistry, GT-SUITE provides a framework for fast and effective aircraft and spacecraft design and analysis.   This presentation will focus on high-fidelity, 1D thermal fluid dynamics simulation and highlight case studies:  environmental controls systems (ECS), fuel systems and thermal management, cryogenic tanks and flow networks, and propulsion and hybrid electric systems.

1030-1130Design Challenge: Mars Marshmallow Lander Room: The HUB

Contestants will design a shock absorbing method to protect their rover and other hardware from the impact of landing. Come join the fun as a contestant or a spectator!


1130-1200Meet the AIAA Executive DirectorRoom: Launch Pad in the HUB
1130-1200Social Media Meet UpRoom: The HUB Open Area

Join us for an opportunity to discuss social media strategies and content relevant to the aerospace industry with AIAA staff.

1200-1300Make AIAA Engage Work for You Room: The HUB Hangar

Get to know AIAA's new community platform, Engage. Stay in contact with other AIAA members you meet here at the Forum and build relationships in the industry.


1300-1400Threshold Testing Using the Neyer and Other Methods (Part II: Practice) Room: The HUB Hangar

Sensitivity or Threshold tests are often used to estimate the parameters associated with latent continuous variables which cannot be measured directly. For example, each explosive component has an initiation threshold. The specimen will detonate if and only if an applied shock exceeds this value. Since there is no way to determine the threshold of an individual, specimens are tested at various levels to determine parameters of the population. A test described here produces efficient estimates of the parameters of the distribution, even with limited prior knowledge. This test efficiently characterizes the entire distribution and desired percentiles of any population.


1500-1530Air Force Propulsion Directorate ConsortiumRoom: The HUB Hangar

AIAA has joined the System of Systems Consortium (SOSSEC) in the U.S. Air Force Propulsion Directorate Consortium. This Consortium is open to both Air Force and non-Air Force departments and agencies. Its scope includes any topic generally consistent with the Research, Development, Test & Evaluation (RDT&E) of propulsion systems; it might include aircraft platforms, systems, components, or materials and any integration therein. Come learn more about the prototyping projects and awards.

1530-1630Learn More About International Astronautical Congress 2019Room: The HUB Hangar

Learn how your organization can become involved with the AIAA as we host the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Oct. 2019.  This overview session coupled with Q&A will provide key insights to the program, the importance of demonstrating your company's legacy in celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first lunar landing and how it relates to supporting the future of aerospace. 


Plus, learn to use exhibits and sponsorship to tell your company's story of strength, innovation and thought leadership in a global marketplace. 


Interested in bringing hardware?  We have options.  Join us.


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Wednesday, 11 July, 2018

0845-1200Exposition Hall Open
0910-0930Q&A with Colin ParrisRoom: The HUB Hangar

Don't miss your opportunity to get insights from Colin Parris and ask follow-up questions from Wednesday's Plenary Session, "Digital Transformation in Aviation Services."

Colin Parris -Vice President for Software Research, GE Global ResearchColin Parris Vice President for Software Research, GE Global Research
1000-1030Career TipsRoom: The HUB Hangar

Learn the skills you need to grow professionally.  You’ll hear personal perspectives and advice on how to reach your career goals. 


Jeff Hakes-Vehicle Sciences & Systems Senior Manager, Air Vehicle Design & Technologies Advanced Development Programs – Lockheed Martin AeronauticsJeff HakesVehicle Sciences & Systems Senior Manager, Air Vehicle Design & Technologies Advanced Development Programs – Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
1030-1100The Ohio Aerospace Institute: Connecting AerospaceRoom: The HUB Hangar

Learn how OAI is connecting Aerospace across Ohio and beyond, and what OAI can do for you.” 

1100-1130Meet the AIAA Executive DirectorRoom: The HUB Open Area
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2018 Exhibitors

A variety of companies will have their newest technologies on display in the Exposition Hall. Please click the links below to see:

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