19–22 August 2019
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Billionaires Fund Fusion Energy Projects In “SpaceX Moment”

31 October 2018
Bloomberg News reports that Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Peter Thiel are among investors funding efforts to create the “first commercially viable fusion reactor.” The technology has long been known to have the “potential to revolutionize the energy industry, but development costs have been too high for all but a handful of governments and investors.” However, recent advances in “exotic materials, 3D printing, machine learning and data processing are all changing that.” The $23 billion International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor project in Cadarache, France plans to have a working device by around 2050. General Fusion head Christofer Mowry believes that today is the “SpaceX moment for fusion. (Image: Nuclear Propulsion Through Direct Conversion of Fusion Energy. Credit: NASA)
More Info (Bloomberg News)

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