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Electric Propulsion Most Likely To Reshape Light Aircraft Sector

27 September 2018
The Waitsburg Times reports that at last week’s AIAA SPACE Forum, The Boeing Company “revealed its proposed hypersonic passenger airliner, which would fly much higher and faster than the Concorde.” Boeing envisions the aircraft traveling at Mach 5, “enabling them to cross the Atlantic Ocean in just two hours and the Pacific in three while cruising at 95,000 feet.” Boeing plans to compete in both the autonomous and hypersonic aircraft markets developing over the next two to three decades. Boeing believes that “hypersonic aircraft production, including autonomous piloting, could begin within the next 20 years, and a prototype could appear within the next decade.” According to Boeing Senior Technical Fellow and Chief Hypersonics Scientist Kevin Bowcutt, “Though Boeing hasn’t decided the final dimensions, the airplane (which doesn’t have a name yet) would be larger than a business jet but smaller than a 737.” (Image: concept presented to NASA in April 2010. Credit: NASA/The Boeing Company | Wikipedia)
More Info (Waitsburg Times)

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