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NASA Investing In Electric Planes

9 May 2017
Business Insider reports that NASA is “investing heavily in electric planes,” committing more than $43 million to the project with a goal of creating “a large, hybrid jet that has the potential to be sold commercially in the next decade.” First, “NASA is first building a small, entirely electric plane called the X-57.” Sean Clarke, NASA’s principal investigator on the X-57 project, said that “for this tech to make its way to commercial, battery tech needs to improve.” Then, NASA will convert a standard aircraft into an entirely electric plane. After that, the converted aircraft will have its wings replaced with wings based on the X-57. Tom Rigney, NASA’s program manager for the X-57 project, said. “We’re going to reduce the risk and flight test these larger aircrafts with the technology required to fly them, and that will give way for the commercial world to commercialize it. ” (Image Credit: NASA)
More Info (Business Insider)

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