9–11 July 2018
Duke Energy Convention Center, Cincinnati, Ohio

ITAR Program

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AIAA offers the opportunity to present and discuss information that is covered by the U.S. International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), in restricted-access, U.S.Only/NOFORN sessions during the forum. These sessions provide an opportunity for discussion of topics and presentations that are not possible in an open session. This year we offer five sessions - the most to date at any AIAA forum. Separate ITAR registration is required and restrictions for attendance apply.

*Sessions may be subject to change*

Tuesday, 11 July  0930-1230 hrs  (Inman) Developmental Propulsion Systems I

  • Thermal and Catalytic Decomposition of Aqueous HAN Solution and an HAN-based Monopropellant
  • Firefly Alpha Aerospike Engine
  • An Attitude Compensating Rocket with Tri-Propellant Option
  • Development and Testing 100 lbf Non-Toxic Monopropellant Thruster (Oral Presentation)
  • Flat-H Redundant Frangible Joint Design Evolution

Tuesday, 11 July 1500-1800 hrs  (Inman) Additive Manufacturing for Propulsion Systems

  • The Additive Manufactured Aerospike Reaction Control System (AMARCS)
  • Ceramic Matrix Composite Materials for Engine Exhaust Systems on Next Generation Vertical Lift Vehicles
  • Build orientation dependence on the microstructure and fatigue life of electron beam additive manufactured Ti-6AI-4V

Wednesday, 12 July 0930-1230 hrs (Kennesaw) Developmental Propulsion Systems II

  • Design and Fabrication of the Ultra-Low-Cost Variant of the Bantam Liquid Rocket Engine Family for Applications to DARPA's Experimental Spaceplane (XS-1) Reuseable Launch Vehicle and Other Low-Cost Launch Applications
  • New Space Exploration Opportunities Enabled by the Space Launch System
  • The Space Launch System: Capabilities for Beyond Earth Exploration Missions
  • Optimization of Combustion Efficiency in an AF-M315E Fine Droplet Injection Microthruster

Wednesday, 12 July 0930-1230 hrs (Inman) Propulsion System Modeling and Subsystem Development

  • Coupled Propulsion, Thermal, and Power Subsystem Modeling in Operational Analysis Studies
  • Enhanced Lifetime Performance Predictions in Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators (RTGs) Using SINDA/DEGRA
  • Mars Rover Power Operations in the Presence of MMRTG Internal Soft Shorts
  • Automated Synthesis of Propulsion-Power-Thermal Architectures Using Expert Systems Modeling

Wednesday, 12 July 0930-1230 hrs (Inman) Rotating Detonation Engines

  • Fuel Injection Requirements of Rotating Detonation Engine
  • An Experimental Study of Injector Geometry for Rotating Detonation Engines
  • Characterization of Novel Rotating Detonation Engine Inlet Concepts in a Lab-Scale Experimental Testing Platform

Access to ITAR Sessions

All attendees, presenters, and session chairs participating in ITAR sessions will need to register for the forum (using one of the options that includes access to sessions), and then complete the ITAR registration process, including validating
U.S. citizenship as well as government or contractor status. The following are the documents required to register for the ITAR sessions:

U.S. Government Attendees:*

  • AIAA Propulsion and Energy Forum badge
  • Proof of U.S. citizenship
  • CAC card or other proof of government employment


Non-U.S. Government Attendees:

  • AIAA Propulsion and Energy Forum badge
  • Proof of U.S. citizenship
  • Corporate badge, or business card and photo ID
  • Copy of approved and active DD2345 contractor certificate** ^^


Proof of U.S. Citizenship (Required by all)

One of the following is required for those registering for ITAR sessions:

  • Valid U.S. passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Certificate of citizenship 

CAC cards are not proof of U.S. citizenship!


*Please note that if your paycheck comes from someone other than the U.S. government, for example a university, you will need to follow the process of the Non-U.S. Government Attendees.
** If you are not familiar with the DD2345, please check with your corporate security officer.
^^DD2345 certificates are office location specific.
~CAC cards are not proof of U.S. citizenship.

Session Admittance

ITAR badges must be worn during the sessions.
Photo IDs and ITAR badges will be checked upon entrance to the ITAR session room.

Availability of Manuscripts from ITAR Sessions

For those who are registered to attend the ITAR sessions, a DVD containing the papers from the ITAR sessions will be available for purchase onsite during the forum for $25. Those purchasing the DVD must be available to pick it up on Wednesday, 12 July, between 1100–1300 hrs at the ITAR
Registration Desk. All DVDs must be picked up in person.

There will be no sale or distribution of these papers after the event.

Note this forum has a “no paper, no podium” and “no podium, no paper” policy and it is therefore not possible to get all papers until after the last presentation has occurred.

Dates to Remember

  • Abstract Deadline: 04 Jan 2018
  • Manuscript Deadline: 13 Jun 2018
  • Early Bird Reg Deadline: 18 Jun 2018
  • Cancellation Deadline: 25 Jun 2018

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