19–22 August 2019
JW Marriott, Indianapolis, Indiana

AIAA ITAR Technical Paper Submissions


Please carefully review the AIAA ITAR Abstract Submission Process below.

To Submit an ITAR Abstract

  • All abstracts must be unrestricted, and cleared for public release  (no restricted abstracts are permitted). 
  • Abstracts submitted to the ITAR sessions must be submitted through the ScholarOne Abstract Submission site by the abstract deadline date.
  • ITAR sessions are available at the AIAA AVIATION, AIAA Propulsion and Energy, and AIAA SPACE Forums. Please see the call for papers for each forum for the specific deadlines.
  • At step 2 in the submission process, please make sure you have the following boxes checked to make sure you are submitting for ITAR:
    • ITAR Presentation Type
    • ITAR Topic
    • Eligibility to present at the ITAR level
  • Make sure to finish all 5 steps in the submission process

ITAR Abstract Review and Acceptance

  • Abstract review will be performed following the standard forum guidelines.
  • ITAR sessions will be created and scheduled following the standard forum guidelines.
  • Notification of acceptance (or rejection) will be done follow the standard forum guidelines.
  • ITAR acceptance notifications will include specific details regarding registration reminders, and manuscript submission procedures (note, these are different than the standard paper submissions).

ITAR Manuscript Submission Process

  • It is not for AIAA to decide if a paper is subject to the ITAR or not.  Authors and/or institutions submitting papers to AIAA must submit a signed form clearly stating that their paper is submitted for the ITAR.  AIAA will abide by these signed declarations.
  • Manuscripts must be delivered to AIAA in  one of the following ways by the forum manuscript deadline date
    • Hand delivered to AIAA Headquarters
    • Sent via overnight trackable delivery service to AIAA.
  • Author must submit original, signed ITAR copyright/release form to AIAA with their manuscript.  Manuscripts which do not have the copyright/release forms will not be permitted to present or not included on the forum ITAR DVD.  ITAR Copyright forms maybe found here.
  • AIAA will confirm receipt of manuscript to the author, typically within 48-72 hours after receipt.
  • All abstract without manuscripts submitted by the deadline date will be withdrawn from the program and not be allowed to present at the forum.
  • DO NOT ever email anyone your manuscript or any other restricted materials.

Distribution of ITAR Papers

A DVD containing the manuscripts from the ITAR session will be available for purchase on-site at the ITAR registration desk to those who are registered to attend the ITAR sessions.  DVD’s must be picked up immediately following the last ITAR session of the conference.  Those not picked up during the pickup window as listed in the on-site information, will not receive the DVD.  There will be no sale or distribution of these papers following the event.

ITAR Session Admission

Presenting a paper, chairing a session or attending an ITAR presentation requires credential verification.  All persons entering the ITAR session rooms must follow the procedures and submission of verification documents mandated by the DoD in order to attend, present or chair ITAR sessions.  There are no exceptions!

ITAR Registration Information

AIAA offers authors the opportunity to present information that is covered by the U.S. International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), in U.S. Only sessions during the AIAA AVIATION, AIAA Propulsion and Energy and AIAA SPACE forums.  These sessions provide an opportunity for discussion of topics and presentations that is not possible in an open forum.

The papers and sessions scheduled to be presented at these forums will be governed by the rules and limitations of ITAR (U.S. International Traffic in Arms Regulations).  These sessions provide an opportunity for discussion of topics and presentations that is not possible in an open forum. Presentation access will be at the distribution D level.  If you plan to attend any of these sessions, please make sure you have all documentation listed below.  Please note that only U.S. citizens who meet the full attendance criteria are eligible to attend these sessions. 

If you plan to attend any of these special sessions, you will need to complete an additional registration and verification process, onsite at the individual forum, in addition to a forum registration To register, please bring the required documentation with you to the on-site ITAR registration desk: most important is proof of U.S. citizenship. (Please note that a CAC card IS NOT official proof of U.S. Citizenship.) See the specific requirements below to determine individual requirements.

Access to ITAR Sessions

All attendees, presenters, and session chairs participating in ITAR sessions will need to register for the forum (using one of the options that includes access to sessions), and then complete the ITAR registration process, that includes validating U.S. citizenship as well as government or contractor status. 

Required Documents for ITAR Session Registration     

    For U.S. Government Attendees*

    • AIAA Forum Badge
    • Proof of U.S. Citizenship
    • CAC Card or Other Proof of Government Employment

    Non-U.S. Government Attendees

    • AIAA Forum Badge
    • Proof of U.S. Citizenship
    • Corporate Badge, or Business Card and Photo ID
    • Copy of Approved and Active DD2345 Contractor Certificate** ^

    Proof of U.S. Citizenship 

    One of the following is required for those registering for ITAR sessions: 1) Valid U.S. Passport, 2) Birth Certificate, or 3) Certificate of Citizenship. CAC Cards are not Proof of U.S. Citizenship. 

    Please note:

    * If your paycheck comes from someone other than the U.S. Government, for example a university, you will need to follow the process of the Non U.S. Government Attendees.

    ** If you are not familiar with the DD2345, please check with your Corporate Security Officer.

    ^ DD2345 certificates are office location specific.

    DD2345 Information and verification
    A DD2345 form may be downloaded and completed online on the Defense Logistics Agency Logistics Information Service website in order to apply for approval to be listed on the Qualified U.S. Contractor List. Allow at least 4-6 week (or longer) prior to the AIAA event dates for you to receive the approval and be listed on the Qualified U.S. Contractor List. Please note that the 2345 certificates are office location specific. Please make sure your office is the one listed on the certificate. You may also use this website to confirm if you or your location have an active certificate. If you have any questions about these certificates, please check with your corporate security officer.


    Dates to Remember

    • Manuscript Deadline: 15 Jul 2019
    • Early Mem Reg Deadline: 28 Jul 2019
    • Cancellation Deadline: 05 Aug 2019

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