9–11 July 2018
Duke Energy Convention Center, Cincinnati, Ohio

Focus On: Aircraft Electric Propulsion & Power

Join us as we dive deep into the innovations happening around electric propulsion and energy. We have assembled three days of programming that will focus on the innovations and potential of this developing field of study.


Monday, 10 July 2017

UAS Propulsion

0930-1200 hrs - Regency V

  • Matthew McCrink, Research Scientist, Aerospace Research Center, The Ohio State University (Moderator)
  • Mike Armstrong, Vision Systems Lead, Rolls-Royce Liberty Works
  • William J. Fredericks, Founder & CEO, Advanced Aircraft Company
  • Matt Hutchison, Vice President of Engineering, Aurora Flight Sciences
  • Jeremiah McNatt, Electrical Engineer Photovoltaic and Electrochemical Systems Branch, NASA Glenn Research Center
  • Joseph J. Valenzuela, Senior Business Development Executive, Tactical UAS, Kratos Defense

Aircraft Propulsion - What Does the Future Bring?

1330-1500 hrs - Centennial I & II

  • Mike J. Benzakein, Assistant Vice President for Aerospace and Aviation Research, The Ohio State University (Moderator)
  • Stephane Cueille, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, SAFRAN
  • Eric H. Ducharme, General Manager, Advanced Technology Operation, GE Aviation
  • Alan Epstein, Vice President, Technology and Environment, Pratt & Whitney
  • Alan Newby, Director of Aerospace Technology and Future Programs, Rolls-Royce Corporation

Aircraft Electric Propulsion I (AEP-01)

1530-1800 hrs - Lenox

  • A Survey of Hybrid Electric Propulsion for Aircraft (T. J. Wall; R. Meyer)
  • Overview of NASA Electrified Aircraft Propulsion (EAP) Research for Large Subsonic Transports (R. Jansen; C. Bowman; A. Jankovsky; R. Dyson)
  • Partially Turboelectric Aircraft Drive Key Performance Parameters (R. Jansen; K. P. Duffy; G. Brown)
  • Propulsion Powertrain Real-Time Simulation Using Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) for Aircraft Electric Propulsion System (B. B. Choi; G. Brown)


System Engineering Needs for Future Aerospace and Terrestrial Electrical Power Systems

1530-1800 hrs - Hanover C

  • Raymond Beach, Engineer, NASA Glenn Research Center (Moderator)
  • Neil Garrigan, Executive Manager, Advanced Integrated Products, GE Aviation 
  • Matt Hutchison, Vice President, Engineering, Aurora Flight Sciences
  • Marija Ilic, Senior Staff, Energy Systems Group 73, Lincoln Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • John Nairus, Chief Engineer, Power and Control Division, Air Force Research Laboratory
  • Eric Walters, President, PCKrause and Associates 


    Tuesday, 11 July 2017

    Future of Electrified Aircraft Propulsion for Commercial Transports: Lessons Learned from Outside Aviation

    0930-1200 hrs - Regency V

    • Marty Bradley, Technical Fellow, The Boeing Company (Moderator)
    • Nady Boules, President, NB Motors, LLC
    • A.P. "Sakis" Meliopoulos, Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology
    • Rigo Rodriguez, Chief, Electrical Capabilities Global, Rolls-Royce Corporation
    • Venkat Srinivasan, Director, Argonne Collaborative Center for Energy Storage Science (ACCESS)

      Rapid Advances for Electric Aircraft – Lessons from the AVIATION Forum and Transformational Electric Flight Workshop (AEP-04)

      1500-1800 hrs - Hanover C

      • Andrew Gibson, President/Aerospace Engineer, Empirical Systems Aerospace, Inc. (ESAero)
      • Brian German, Associate Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology
      • Michael Armstrong, Vision Systems Lead, Rolls-Royce Liberty Works
      • Gregory Bowles, Vice President, Global Innovation and Policy, General Aviation Manufacturing Association


      Wednesday 12 July 2017

      Aircraft Electric Propulsion II (AEP-02)

      0930-1200 hrs - Lenox

      • Control Demonstration of Multiple Doubly- Fed Induction Motors for Hybrid Electric Propulsion (D.J. Sadley; M. Bodson; K. Hunker; C. Theman)
      • Experimental Testing of Electronic Speed Controllers for UAVs (A. Gong; D. Verstraete)
      • Static Measurements on HTS Coils of Fully Superconducting AC Electric Machines for Aircraft Electric Propulsion System (B.B. Choi; K. Hunker; J.W. Hartwig; G. Brown)
      • Effects of Fuel Type on  Aircraft Electric Propulsion  with SOFC/GT Hybrid Core (K. Okai; H. Nomura; T. Tagashira; A. Nishizawa)

        Aircraft Electric Propulsion III (AEP-03)

        1530-1800 hrs - Lenox

        • Aircraft Electric Propulsion Versus Reliability and Safety, The eFAN Experience. (L. Juvé; E. Joubert; B. Ferran; N. Fouquet)
        • Safety Considerations for Electric, Hybrid-Electric, and Turbo-Electric Distributed Propulsion Aircraft Testbeds (K. V. Papathakis; P. A. Burkhardt; D. W. Ehmann; A. M. Sessions)
        • Impact of Key Design Constraints on Fault Management Strategies for Distributed Electrical Propulsion Aircraft (M. Flynn; C. Jones; P. Norman; S. Galloway)
        • Numerical Flow Simulation of Heat Recuperation in the Exhaust Section of a Turbofan Engine (C. Bode)
        • Propulsion Futures: Nottingham's Ambition and Vision for the Propulsion System of the Future. (M. Galea; H. Morvan)

        Aerospace Energy - Expanding Our Potential

        1530-1700 hrs - Regency V

        • Bryan K. Smith, Director, Space Flight Systems Directorate, NASA Glenn Research Center (Moderator)
        • Babu Chalamala, Manager, Energy Storage Technology and Systems Department, Sandia National Laboratories
        • Randy Furnas, Chief, Power Division, Research and Engineering Directorate, NASA Glenn Research Center
        • Neil Garrigan, Executive Manager, Advanced Integrated Products, GE Aviation
        • Seth Lawson, Federal Project Manager, Advanced Energy Systems Team, U.S. Department of Energy National Energy Technology Laboratory

        Dates to Remember

        • Abstract Deadline: 04 Jan 2018
        • Manuscript Deadline: 13 Jun 2018
        • Early Bird Reg Deadline: 18 Jun 2018
        • Cancellation Deadline: 25 Jun 2018

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