19–22 August 2019
JW Marriott, Indianapolis, Indiana

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Saturday–Sunday, 8-9 July 2017

0800–1700 hrs  

Course:  Emerging Concepts in High Speed Air-Breathing Propulsion 

0800–1700 hrs   Course: Turbulence Modeling for Modern Industrial CFD 
0800–1700 hrs   Course: Liquid Rocket Engines: Fundamentals, Green Propellants, and Emerging Technologies

0800–1700 hrs 


Course: Missile Propulsion Design, Development, and System Engineering 



Sunday, 9 July 2017

1800-1930 hrs   Student Reception 

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Monday, 10 July 2017

0730–0800 hrs   Speakers' briefing in technical session rooms
0800–0900 hrs   Welcome and  Opening Plenary:  Military Propulsion Needs

  • Rafael A. Garcia, Director, Propulsion Directorate, Air Force Materiel Command
0900–0930 hrs   Networking Coffee Break
0930–1200 hrs   Technical Sessions  
0930–1200 hrs

  Forum 360:  UAS Propulsion

  • Matthew McCrink, Aerospace Research Center, The Ohio State University (Moderator)
  • Mike Armstrong, Vision Systems Lead, Rolls-Royce North American Technologies
  • William J. Fredericks, Founder and CEO, Advanced Aircraft Company
  • Matt Hutchison, Vice President of Engineering, Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation
  • Jeremiah McNatt, Photovoltaic and Electrochemical Systems Branch, NASA Glenn Research Center
  • Joseph Valenzuela, Senior Business Development Executive, Tactical UAS, Kratos Defense
1200 - 1600 hrs
  Exposition Hall Open
1200–1330 hrs   Lunch 
1330–1500 hrs   Plenary:  Aircraft PropulsionWhat Does the Future Bring?

  • Meyer "Mike" Benzakein, Assistant Vice President for Aerospace and Aviation, The Ohio State University (Moderator)
  • Stephane Cueille, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, SAFRAN
  • Eric H. Ducharme, General Manager, Advanced Technology Operation, GE Aviation
  • Alan Epstein, Vice President, Technology and Environment, Pratt & Whitney
  • Alan Newby, Director, Aerospace Technology and Future Programmes, Rolls-Royce Corporation
1500–1530 hrs   Networking Coffee Break in the Exposition Hall 
1530–1800 hrs   Technical Sessions  
1530–1800 hrs

  Forum 360: Aircraft Propulsion: The Airline Operations and MRO Perspective

  • R. Steven Justice, Executive Director, Georgia Centers of Innovation (Moderator)
  • Doug Freiberg, Program Chief Engineer, Regional Engines, Pratt & Whitney
  • Shawn Gregg, General Manager, Propulsion Engineering, Delta Technical Operations, Delta Air Lines
  • John Kinney, Director, Advanced Technology Business Development, GE Aviation
  • Robert D. Schultz, Director, Engine Maintenance, Delta Technical Operations, Delta Air Lines

Forum 360: System Engineering Needs for Future Aerospace and Terrestrial Electrical Power Systems

  • Raymond Beach, Engineer, NASA Glenn Research Center (Moderator)
  • Neil Garrigan, Executive Manager, Advanced Integrated Products, GE Aviation 
  • Matt Hutchison, Vice President of Engineering, Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation
  • Marija Ilic, Senior Staff, Energy Systems Group 73, Lincoln Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • John Nairus, Chief Engineer, Power and Control Division, Air Force Research Laboratory
  • Eric Walters, President, PCKrause and Associates

1800-1930 hrs   Reception in Exposition Hall  (ticket required)

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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

0730–0800 hrs   Speakers' briefing in technical session rooms
0800-0900 hrs

  Keynote Plenary: New Era of Aviation

  • Jaiwon Shin, Associate Administrator, Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate, NASA 

0845-1600 hrs   Exposition Hall open (Networking Coffee Break 0900-0930 hrs)
0900-1200 hrs   Technical Sessions  
0930-1200 hrs   Forum 360:  The Future of Electrified Aircraft Propulsion for Commercial Transports: Perspectives and Lessons Learned from Outside Aviation

  • Marty Bradley, Technical Fellow, The Boeing Company (Moderator)
  • Nady Boules, President, NB Motors, LLC
  • A.P. "Sakis" Meliopoulos, Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Rigo Rodriguez, Chief, Electrical Capabilities Global, Rolls-Royce Corporation
  • Venkat Srinivasan, Director, Argonne Collaborative Center for Energy Storage Science (ACCESS)
1200-1300 hrs   Networking Box Lunch in Exposition Hall (ticket required)
1300–1430 hrs   Plenary: Presidential Transition Impacts

  • Mark J. Lewis, Director, Science and Technology Policy, Institute for Defense Analyses (Moderator)
  • Stephen Cook, Vice President, Corporate Development, Dynetics, Inc.
  • Sandra Magnus, Executive Director, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Chris Shank, Senior Advisor to the Secretary and Under Secretary of the Air Force, U.S. Air Force
1430–1500 hrs   Networking Break in the Exposition Hall  
1500–1800 hrs   Technical Sessions 
1500-1800 hrs

Forum 360:Transition from Expendable to Reusable Hypersonic Platforms

  • David E. Walker, Director, Office of Technology, Office of Naval Research (Moderator)
  • Thomas Jackson, Senior Scientist, Hypersonics, Aerospace Systems Directorate, Air Force Research Laboratory
  • Mark J. Lewis, Director, Science and Technology Policy, Institute for Defense Analyses
  • Brad Tousley, Director, Tactical Technology Office, DARPA
  • Colin Tucker, Military Deputy, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Science, Technology, and Engineering, U.S. Air Force

1800-1900 hrs  

Plenary: Rethinking Space Propulsion: Enabling the Future of Space Transportation and Exploration

  •  Vigor Yang, William R. T. Oakes Professor and Chair, School of Aerospace Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

0730–0800 hrs   Speakers' Briefing in session rooms
0800-0900 hrs   Plenary: Civil Space

  • William H. Gerstenmaier, Associate Administrator, Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate, NASA

0845-1400 hrs   Exposition Hall Open (Networking Coffee Break 0900-0930 hrs)
0900–1200 hrs   Technical Sessions 
0930-1200 hrs   Forum 360: Planetary Surface Power

  • Lee Mason, Principal Technologist, Space Technology Mission Directorate, NASA (Moderator)
  • Stephen Hoffman, Senior Systems Engineer, Exploration Mission Planning Office, NASA Johnson Space Center 
  • Thomas Kerslake, Power System Engineer, NASA Glenn Research Center
  • Humphrey "Hoppy" Price, Chief Engineer, Mars Exploration Program, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Larry Trager, Director, Advanced Power Systems, Aerojet Rocketdyne

1200-1330 hrs   Recognition Luncheon (ticket required)
1330-1500 hrs    Plenary: Space Exploration Propulsion 

  • Julie Van Kleeck, Vice President of Advanced Space and Launch Programs and Strategy, Aerojet Rocketdyne (Moderator)
  • R. Joseph Cassady, Executive Director for Space, Aerojet Rocketdyne
  • Darby Cooper, Senior Manager, Integrated Analysis, Space Launch System, Exploration Launch Systems, Boeing
  • Steve Jolly, Chief Engineer, Commercial Civil Space, Lockheed Martin
  • David H. Manzella, Solar Electric Propulsion Project Chief Engineer, NASA Glenn Research Center
  • Todd May, Director, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
1530-1800 hrs   Technical Sessions 


 1530-1700 hrs  

Forum 360: Aerospace Energy Landscape

  • Bryan Smith, Director of the Space Flight Systems Directorate (Moderator)
  • Babu Chalamala, Manager, Energy Storage Technology and Systems Department, Sandia National Laboratories
  • Randy Furnas, Chief, Power Division, Research and Engineering Directorate, NASA Glenn Research Center
  • Neil Garrigan, Executive Manager, Advanced Technology Systems, GE Aviation
  • Seth Lawson, Federal Project Manager, Advanced Energy Systems, U.S. Department of Energy National Energy Technology Laboratory

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  • Early Mem Reg Deadline: 28 Jul 2019
  • Cancellation Deadline: 05 Aug 2019

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