19–22 August 2019
JW Marriott, Indianapolis, Indiana

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Enabling Technologies and Analysis Methods for More-, Hybrid-, and All-Electric Aircraft

8 July 2018
0800-1700 hrs

This short course is designed for engineers in the aerospace industry who would like to learn more about the electrical technologies that enable More-Electric and Hybrid-Electric Aircraft. Studies show that significant reduction in the mission fuel burn can be obtained with electric/hybrid-electric propulsion on commercial transport aircraft without compromising payload, range, or cruise speed. The course will introduce the fundamental concepts and trade-offs involved in the design of the electrical systems for such airplanes. More Details

Emerging Concepts in High Speed Air-Breathing Propulsion

7-8 July 2018
0800-1700 hrs  

High speed air-breathing propulsion is becoming more prevalent. The standard approaches involve turbojets, scramjets, and turbine-based combined cycle systems. Emerging cycles include the Japanese ATREX engine (Air Turbo Ramjet Engine with eXpander cycle) and the air-breathing rocket engine, which rely on pre-cooling the air with heat exchangers. Additional emerging cycles include pressure gain cycles (Pulse Detonation Engines and Rotating Detonation Engines), Mass Injection Pre-Combustion Cooling (MIPCC), Oxy-Boost which injects oxygen during the cycle, and turbo-ramjets in which the air bypasses the turbojet at high speeds and the afterburner is treated as a ramjet. This course is designed to explore these cycles and bring an understanding of how to apply them and what performance advantages they might have. More Details

4th AIAA Propulsion Aerodynamics Workshop (PAW04)

7-8 July 2018
0800-1700 hrs  

Organized by the AIAA Inlets, Nozzles & Propulsion Systems Integration Technical Committee
The focus of the workshop will be on assessing the accuracy of CFD in obtaining air breathing system performance and flow structure to include nozzle forces, plume surveys, subsonic inlet recovery and distortion, and high-speed inlet performance. More Details

Liquid Rocket Engines: Fundamentals, Green Propellants, and Emerging Technologies

7-8 July 2018
0800-1700 hrs  

Liquid propulsion systems are critical to launch vehicle and spacecraft performance, and mission success. This two-day course, taught by a team of government, industry and international experts, will cover propulsion fundamentals and topics of interest in launch vehicle and spacecraft propulsion; propulsion system design and performance; green bipropellants and monopropellants; and advances in additive manufacturing and their implications toward emerging liquid rocket engines. In addition to the popular rocket engine testing module, this year, the course will also include a module on combustion instability and a module on propellant management systems. More Details


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