10–12 July 2017
Hyatt Regency Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia


2016 Recognition Luncheon Group Shot

Each year, AIAA celebrates the ingenuity and collaboration of aerospace professionals by recognizing their contributions to making the world safer, more connected, and more prosperous. We take time to celebrate major missions that reinvent our national uses of air and space, to the inventive new applications that enhance everyday living.

At this year's AIAA Propulsion and Energy Forum, we recognized some of the brightest minds in our industry. Their achievements have inspired us to dream and to explore new frontiers.

Air Breathing Propulsion Award

Wesley Lord
Technical Fellow, System Architecture Functional Design
Pratt & Whitney
"For 40 years of technical contributions advancing the state of the art propulsors for commercial aircraft engines, reducing noise and improving fuel burn."

Aerospace Power Systems Award

Henry Brandhorst
Managing Director
Aliquippa Holdings, LLC and CHZ Tech, LLC
Auburn, Alabama
"For over 55 years in developing aerospace power systems with both space and terrestrial application, for providing exceptional leadership and innovation in to the aerospace power system community and academia, and for significant contributions to AIAA."

Energy Systems Award

Ronald K. Hanson
Clarence J. and Patricia R. Woodard Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Stanford University
Stanford, California
“For pioneering contributions on fundamental data provided from renewable and alternative fuels for applications to combustion engines, gasifiers and fluidized bed combustors for promoting fuel flexibility and performance of terrestrial energy systems.”

Engineer of the Year Award

Robin J. Osborne
Senior Mechanical Engineer
ERC, Inc./Jacobs-ESSSA Group
Combustion Devices Design and Development Branch
NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
"For increasing the aerospace industry's understanding of spark torch ignition systems and building a low-cost ignition test facility"

Propellants and Combustion Award

Ahmed F. Ghoniem
Ronald C. Crane (1972) Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, Massachusetts
“For pioneering research and practical contributions to propulsion and power systems in Computational Fluid Dynamics and its application to turbulent combustion and combustion dynamics.”

Sustained Service Award

Sanjay Garg
Chief, Intelligent Control and Autonomy Branch
NASA Glenn Research Center
Cleveland, Ohio
"For three decades of significant and sustained contributions advancing AIAA's technical activities as an active member of multiple technical committees and standing committees."

Wyld Propulsion Award

Gary A. Flandro
Boling Chair of Excellence in Mechanical and Aerospace
Engineering (emeritus), University of Tennessee Space Institute
Chief Engineer, Gloyer-Taylor Laboratories
Tullahoma, Tennessee
"For exceptional contributions to the knowledge base and technology implementation of rocket propulsion and astronautics, especially in solid and liquid propellant rocket combustion instability and interior ballistics."

Certificates of merit recognized the following technical papers for scientific and technical excellence:

Air Breathing Propulsion Systems Integration Best Paper

AIAA 2016-0011, "Turbine Powered Simulator Calibration and Testing for Hybrid Wing Body Powered Airframe Integration,” Patrick Shea and Jeffrey Flamm, NASA Langley Research Center; Kurtis Long and Kevin James, NASA Ames Research Center; Daniel Tompkins and Michael Beyar, The Boeing Company.

Electric Propulsion Best Paper

AIAA 2015-4005, “Non-Invasive Hall Current Distribution Measurement in a Hall Effect Thruster,” Carl Mullins, Rafael Martinez, and John Williams, Colorado State University; Casey Farnell and Cody Farnell, Plasma Control LLC; David Liu, Air Force Institute of Technology; and Richard Branam, University of Alabama Tuscaloosa.

Electric Components and Systems Best Paper

AIAA 2015-3708, "Analysis of Dissipation Induced by Successive Planar Shock Loading of Granular Explosive," Pratap Thamanna Rao and Keith A. Gonthier, Louisiana State University

Gas Turbine Engines Best Paper

AIAA 2015-4028, “A Composite Cycle Engine Concept with Hecto-Pressure Ratio,” Sascha Kaiser, Bauhaus Luftfahrt e.V.; Stefan Donnerhack, MTU Aero Engines AG; Anders Lundbladh, GKN Aerospace Engine Systems; Arne Seitz, Bauhaus Luftfahrt e.V.

Green Engineering Best Paper

AIAA 2016-0267, “Impact of Ultra-High Bypass/Hybrid Wing Body Integration on Propulsion System Performance and Operability,” Wesley Lord, Gavin Hendricks, and Michael Kirby, Pratt & Whitney; and Stuart Ochs, Ray-Sing Lin, and Larry Hardin, United Technologies Research Center.

High Speed Air Breathing Propulsion Best Paper

AIAA 2016-0658, “Establishing the Controlling Parameters of Ignition in High-Speed Flow,” Timothy Ombrello, Ez A Hassan, and Campbell D Carter, Air Force Research Laboratory; Brendan McGann, University of Notre Dame; Hyungrok Do, Seoul National University; David M Peterson, Innovative Scientific Solutions, Inc.; Philip Ivancic and Edward A Luke, Mississippi State University

Hybrid Rockets Best Paper

AIAA 2015-3829, “Visualization Study of Self-Pressurizing Propellant Tank Dynamics,” Jonah Zimmerman and Brian Cantwell, Stanford University, and Greg Zilliac,  NASA Ames Research Center.

Hybrid Rockets Best Student Paper

AIAA 2015-3832, “Flight Performance Simulations of Vertical Launched Sounding Rockets Using Altering-Intensity Swirling-Oxidizer-Flow-Type Hybrid Motors,” Kohei Ozawa and Toru Shimada, Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency.

Liquid Propulsion Best Paper

AIAA 2015-3769, "CFD Modeling of the Multipurpose Hydrogen Test Bed (MHTB) Self-Pressurization and Spray Bar Mixing Experiments in Normal Gravity: Effect of the Accommodation Coefficient on the Tank Pressure", Olga Kartuzova and Mohammad Kassemi. NASA Glenn Research Center.

Nuclear Best Paper

AIAA 2015-3774, "Affordable Development and Demonstration of a Small NTR Engine and Stage: A Preliminary NASA, DOE and Industry Assessment.” by Stanley K. Borowski and Robert J. Sefcik, NASA Glenn Research Center; James E. Fittje and David R. McCurdy, Vantage Partners LLC; Arthur L. Qualls and Bruce G. Schnitzler, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; James E. Werner, Idaho National Laboratory; Abraham Weitzberg, DOE Consultant; and Claude R. Joyner, Aerojet Rocketdyne.

Propellants and Combustion Best Paper

AIAA 2015-3972, “Multi-Injector Impinging Jet Studies of Ignition Delay for Hydrogen Peroxide and Gelled Hydrocarbon Fuel Containing Reactive or Catalytic Particles,” Terrence L. Connell, Grant A Risha, and Richard A. Yetter, The Pennsylvania State University; and Benveniste Natan, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology.

Solid Rockets Best Papers

AIAA 2014-4016, “Improved Mean Flow Solution for Solid Rocket Motors with a Naturally Developing Swirling Motion,” Joseph Majdalani, Auburn University and Andrew Fist, University of Tennessee.
AIAA 2015-4107, “Time-Temperature Superposition Principle Applied to Thermally Aged Composite Propellant,” Luciene D Villar and Luis C. Rezende, Institute of Aeronautics and Space.

Terrestrial Energy Best Paper

AIAA 2016-0990, “Component and System Modeling of a Direct Power Extraction System,” Omar D. Vidaña, Mariana Chaidez1, Brian Lovich, Jad Aboud, Manuel J. Hernandez, Luisa A. Cabrer, Ahsan Choudhuri, and Norman Love, The University of Texas at El Paso.

Details about the 2017 Award winners will be posted soon.

Dates to Remember

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  • Early Bird Reg Deadline: 19 Jun 2017
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